Resilience: We are more keen to execute our projects on an environmentally friendly note. 

If we say a few about the 2021 projects list on the kitty, they are more on saving approximately 17 million giant heaps of CO² emission. Still we have more on this note to do with our projects and what we’ll be doing is beyond the realm of the path. This will be done with the help of clients, projects, our industry and accomplishments. Our main goal is to execute our projects and each undertaking with zero emission for every person and for every space.

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Nowadays, construction, manufacturing and other related activities are done keeping the environment and the safety of its core elements at the stake. Buildings, flats, engineering works etc. is done without keeping environmental changes in mind. This invites hazardous changes in the climate as the possible consequence of such activities. 

Due to these climatic changes, the earth foresees many possible changes such as global warming due to increased CO2 emission, more rise in sea levels and other climatic changes at the extreme levels. 

Fayway takes care of all these things while starting up a new project that with the activities performed for the project would not harm the environment.


We design net zero energy structures through our well-planned arrangements that make our projects fulfilled with Zero Energy wastage criteria. 

We plan our execution in such a way that emphasizes more on reducing carbon and CO2 emission, thus making our projects to go with Zero Emission. The supplies and material chosen are generally carbon free to reduce carbon emission into the air. This adds a whooping advantage to our projects being Zero Emission and Ozone-friendly. 

We focus on choosing the right energy/fuel sources with the right strategies so as to minimize the carbon emission making our projects to score high on environment friendly note.

With the right energy-productive plan procedures, joined with the right fuel sources, we can resolve issues of functional carbon and change structures into carbon-zero working spaces.


Settling a structural business or a construction business begins with making choices on the type of product being used to build the project. 

Nowadays, collecting the material and assembling it including transportation counts on around 11% worldwide emanations. 

In this segment, we take care of the low usage of fossil fuels in collecting, assembling and transportation activities of the material.

The non benefit backing bunch Architecture 2030 is unambiguous regarding the matter, saying “We can’t meet environment objectives without likewise taking out typified fossil fuel by products by 2040.”


The land should also adapt to the environmental changes and must make adjustments accordingly. 

The real estate business faces its own kind of dangers. Rising water is one of the key concerns in this segment. But this is not the only concern. Various climatic changes, frequent raining are also a few of the big concerns in this business.

With rising temperatures, global warming and less precipitation,the people in various parts of the country will have to live in desert areas in the coming 10-15 years. As per a survey conducted by the Global Centre for Adaptation, people have to face dislocation, relocation, or shifting their homes in the other areas due to environmental changes by 2050.



We can not assure that the things that exist today will survive to exist by 2050. To make them exist for long years, we need to add a versatility element in those things. We need to focus more on recycle and reuse strategies. 

Collecting, assembling and transportation of the materials includes the usage of more fossil fuels that enhances the increase of carbon emission into the air. So we focus more on recycling techniques and reuse of the materials to reduce carbon emission.


As we discussed already, we focus more on the Net Zero Carbon portfolio. To achieve this, we have already upgraded our plan in such a way that it focuses more on zero carbon emission. 

When we implement Net Zero Carbon portfolio on our projects and industries, it ensures more productivity with less harm to the climate. Handling the projects keeping environmental changes in mind imparts our knowledge with extraordinary ideas and concepts to build a greener, cleaner tomorrow.

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