Our aviation segment takes care of the architecture and designing of the air terminals. Nowadays air terminals are so crowded that it seems like a small city. We usually focus on building a pleasant and happy environment for all the travelers, workers, airport authorities and the staff members with the well-prepared offices. From the offices made to serve chief authorities of the air terminals to the underlying staff and crew members, we design and architect the premises to make them a happy place to work and stay with architecture and interior designing of airport authorities offices.

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Air terminals are an impression to our urban areas of the city with diversified visitors and serving people. Post Covid-19 pandemic, the air terminals will have more capacity than the usually observed in the urban communities. 

As the time passed, the air terminals were converted into little urban areas with much scope of capabilities like casualty management, medical services, working areas, and retail outlets. With the addition of these facilities, it turned out to be a little town there. 

We have some strategies for the Air Terminals and Airports to revive their services post Covid-19 pandemic: 

With Covid-19, less number of travelers are travelling nowadays on domestic and international locations, so air terminals now have a good time to plan their future ahead. They can plan the interior designing and architecture of airport premise at that time. 

Here are some key elements that we can consider while structuring the air terminals again. 

1. Experiment and Learn

Spaces inside the air terminals are usually taken on lease and are used as per the rent arrangements. If we rethink how to design those spaces and turn them into

spatial arrangements, then that would be advantageous to utilise the unused spaces there for more carriers. The air terminals do not require to follow conventional guidelines, they must adapt themselves to apply required changes in their premises.

2. Increasing the number of buildings, the passengers and the number of landing aircrafts

With the increasing number of passengers arriving at the air terminals, the air terminals should utilize their vacant spaces by eliminating the door and allowing the passengers to go by with great space. By using a more effective door framework,the air terminal authorities can reduce the number of passengers at the entryway with an innovative architecture.


The event of assembling a seperate air terminal office to rethink about a passenger terminal just happens once in a while. So the plan including a separate air terminal has been drawn from being progressed further. 

In this scenario, urban areas should consider their existing air terminals as the only entryways and to build more versatile buildings and supporting neighborhoods.

4. Dig deeper for connecting with communities

Present air terminals are fully equipped with retail outlets and eateries like- Eating points, live amusements, neighborhood gourmet experts that bring a sense of completeness to the air terminals. These aur terminals can be brought to changes by having an in-house craftsman or by connecting with nearby colleges to have the suitable workforce for the interior designing and architecture of airports and air terminals.

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