Progress in automation and mechanical engineering, materials science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are raising customer assumptions and manufacturers and makers more than ever. These innovations have additionally set out new open doors for good product plan and creation methods — a considerable lot of which utilize less power, produce less waste, and empower more noteworthy speed to advertise.


Fayway’s experience of designing and mechanization empowers to incorporate these innovations into cutting edge corporate companies for driving producers all over the planet. This empowers us to take over 70% of our assembling projects that involve global clients. Our involvement in Foreign Direct Exchange (FDI) ranges the full lifecycle of a venture from market entry and regulation cycles to development and construction. 

For each client, our project starts as a progression of many questions. What’s the limit? How much power will you want in the manufacturing plant? Where will basic equipment be put away until it’s prepared? We become an augmentation of your group to figure out your basic necessities and convey the right services and assets. 

You realize your interaction best and we’re here to plan around it to assist you with accomplishing your objectives and remain a step ahead of disruption. 

We’ve planned to deliver projects from all around the world across the business, including: 

● Oil and gas Manufacturing units 

● Soaps and Detergent Manufacturing 

● Paper Manufacturing 

● Biscuits and bakery products (at big level) 

● Candle & Wax product Makin 

● Chocolates and other food items manufacturing 

● Fertilizer Production 

● Kitchen edibles manufacturing units 

● Steel plant 

● Iron plant 

● Shoes and Footwear manufacturing plant 

● Clothing and garments making 

● Cement Plant 

● Food and beverages manufacturing plants (FMCG Units) 

● Automobile and spare parts manufacturing plants 

● Mobile Phones 

● All kitchen items manufacturing plants and industries including Plastic, Steel, aluminum utensils and other kitchen items manufacturing