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featured Projects - fayway
featured Projects by fayway
Private Structures and Buildings

These are structures which are used for regular private purposes and should work with practices like resting, living and cooking. The construction should consolidate somewhere around one family residencies, lofts, cushions and private parking spaces. 

Instructive Structures

These are structures dwelling informative associations, for instance, schools or colleges which are banded together and seen by a reasonable board, school or any relative. 

Assembly Structure and Building

These are described as designs or divides of them which house public parties congregated with the arrangement of diversion, delight, social, severe, excited, normal, travel or other practically identical purposes. Constructions, for instance, film houses, sensation theaters, drive-in theaters, assembly corridors, clubhouses, downtown areas, amphitheaters, show anterooms, exhibitions, mangal karyalayas or offices, exercise centers, sports structures, bistros, inn, dance clubs, gymkhanas, places. 

Business Structures and buildings

In case a construction or a piece of it is essentially used for following arrangements, staying aware of records, bookkeeping purposes or directing various types of records then it will in general be named a business building. Constructions under this grouping consolidate working environments, banks, municipal centers and other master establishments filling the recently referenced necessities. 

Commercial Buildings

In these sorts of buildings, either the entire construction or a piece of it is used for housing shops, stores or show regions where show and deal of rebate items, retail product or item is finished. Such constructions should in like manner oblige office, amassing and organization workplaces essential for the business which should be arranged in a comparable design. 

Modern Buildings

Buildings used to make, assemble or cycle things or materials are named as present day structures. They fuse collecting units, gathering plants, creation lines, production lines, power plants, oil treatment offices, gas plants, dairy plants, labs, etc.

Wholesale Foundations and Buildings

If a design or a piece of it is used for the limit of things, items, stock, etc then it is sorted as a limit building. They include structures like stockrooms, cold reserves, grain amassing units, horse covers, pens, freight distribution center, travel shed, stockpiles, truck terminals, public parking spaces, etc 

Mixed Land Use Buildings

These are structures which are used for both private purposes similarly concerning doing non-private activities. 

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